7 Kinds of Drywall Anchors Each Home-owner Ought to Know


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Making an attempt to screw instantly into drywall with out utilizing any sort of drywall anchor just isn’t a good suggestion. Both the screw will pull straight again out or it’s going to work free after just a few days, and no matter was hung will come crashing down.

A stud might present enough help, however these are seldom conveniently positioned. In the meantime, drywall anchors are reasonably priced, straightforward to put in, and supply the mandatory safety to make sure the secure fixing of something from light-weight image frames to heavy cupboards.

There are lots of various kinds of drywall anchors out there, every with strengths and weaknesses value studying that can assist you decide one of the best drywall anchors for any DIY venture.

1. Growth Drywall Anchors

Qualihome expanding drywall anchors, screws, and drill bit product photo

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Growth drywall anchors are low-cost, straightforward to make use of, and among the many commonest fixings typically use. They’ve ribbed or serrated plastic our bodies with a break up down the center, and broaden to grip a gap when a screw is inserted.

Plastic drywall anchors are very versatile and can be utilized to hold photos, mirrors, and small cabinets. They aren’t only for drywall both; enlargement anchors will be inserted into cinder block, brick, concrete, and extra. Nonetheless, they lack the energy of steel drywall anchor options, so enlargement anchors can solely bear about 25 kilos, even when a number of are used collectively.

Growth drywall anchor set up is easy. A pilot gap is made within the drywall utilizing a drill, and the anchor is pushed in. An appropriate sort of screw is then inserted within the anchor, forcing the physique to grip the drywall. As a result of the maintain is modest, they’re normally straightforward to take away by inserting a screw into the anchor, gripping it with pliers, and pulling it out of the wall.

Greatest For: Photos, mirrors, and small cabinets as much as 25 kilos
Our Suggestion: Qualihome Ribbed Plastic Drywall Anchor Equipment at Amazon for $12.99.
This Qualihome equipment bundles 100 drywall anchors, matching screws, and a drill bit collectively for comfort.

2. Threaded Drywall Anchors

E-Z Ancor Twist-N-Lock threaded drywall anchors and screws in a translucent plastic box

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One other in style low-cost possibility, threaded drywall anchors will be made both from arduous plastic or steel. They’ve a pointy level and an exterior screw thread that cuts into drywall, to allow them to be put in utilizing a screwdriver with none pre-drilling. Some additionally break up, like enlargement anchors, to extend grip additional.

Self-drilling drywall anchors like these present better help than enlargement anchors, with some rated for a great deal of as much as 75 kilos. Care must be taken when putting in threaded drywall anchors, nevertheless, as over-tightening may cause the thread to break the drywall and loosen the maintain. Elimination is easy: Simply flip the anchor anti-clockwise to again it out of the wall.

Greatest For: Photos, mirrors, and cabinets as much as 75 kilos
Our Suggestion: E-Z Ancor Twist-n-Lock Drywall Anchor at The Residence Depot for $24.97.
These threaded anchors are sturdy, budget-friendly selections that make an audible click on indicating after they’re appropriately put in.

3. Molly Bolts

Glarks steel molly bolts in six assorted sizes, organized in a plastic box with dividers

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Molly bolts (or mollies for brief) are one of the vital in style drywall anchors for heavy objects. They comprise a bolt and an outer casing. To put in molly bolts, a gap is drilled and the casing is pushed by. Because the bolt tightens, a part of the casing expands and pulls it tight behind the wall.

This isn’t solely very safe, however it additionally spreads the load of the merchandise being hung. This permits molly bolts to help as much as 100 kilos. It additionally means molly bolts can be utilized for ceiling fixings, whereas increasing and threaded drywall anchors may pull free.

One slight disadvantage is that putting in drywall anchors of this sort requires a particular setting instrument, although these are cheap. It’s also troublesome to take away drywall anchors of this sort. Molly bolts both have to be lower round, creating a bigger gap, or pressured by into the cavity.

Greatest For: Cupboards, curtain rails, and ceiling fixings as much as 100 kilos
Our Suggestion: Glarks Heavy-Responsibility Metal Molly Bolts at Amazon for $13.88.
This versatile pack incorporates six rust-resistant, zinc-plated molly bolt sizes for all kinds of mounting duties.

4. Winged Plastic Anchors

Winged drywall anchors in a white plastic, each holding gold screws

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Winged plastic drywall anchors (also referred to as butterfly drywall anchors) are a comparatively current innovation, and an fascinating hybrid. They mix the low value of enlargement and threaded drywall anchors with the added safety of molly bolts. Just like the latter, they’ve a winged casing that expands behind the board, although—in contrast to molly bolts—winged anchors solely require a pilot gap fairly than a particular setting instrument.

The unfold wing means these winged plastic anchors can be utilized for light-weight ceiling objects like smoke alarms. Nonetheless, they don’t have the energy of molly bolts, so their weight capability is restricted to round 25 kilos. They may also be difficult to take away. The best option to do away with them might be to chop off the outer head and push the anchor by.

Greatest For: Photos, small cabinets, window blinds, and smoke alarms as much as 25 kilos
Our Suggestion: USonline911 Drywall Anchor Assortment Equipment at Amazon for $10.99.
This pack consists of 30 low-cost anchor and screw mixtures in white plastic with corrosion-resistant chrome steel screws.

5. Toggle Bolts

Swpeet steel toggle bolts in a translucent plastic box

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Toggle bolts (or drywall toggle anchors) are among the many strongest drywall anchor sorts out there. Normally product of rust-resistant, zinc-plated metal or chrome steel, they include a bolt and a pair of spring activated wings. These open mechanically when pushed by an appropriately sized gap and are then tightened utilizing the included bolt. The wings unfold a load effectively, so toggle anchors can maintain 100 kilos or extra relying on drywall energy.

Though among the many strongest drywall anchors, toggle bolts will be fiddly as a result of they have to be inserted by the bracket or shelf being hung earlier than fixing to the wall. Additionally, as soon as opened the wings can’t be closed, so the one option to take away toggle bolts is to push them by into the cavity behind the drywall.

Greatest For: Heavy shelving, cupboards, bookcases, and enormous ceiling fixings
Our Suggestion: Swpeet Assorted Toggle Bolt and Wing Nut Equipment at Amazon for $11.26.
A helpful starter number of 24 steel toggle bolts in three sizes: 1/8 inch, 3/16 inch, and 1/4 inch.

6. Self-Drilling Toggle Anchors

Unvert self-drilling toggle anchors for drywall

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The disadvantage with most heavy-duty drywall anchors is that holes must be pre-drilled, a particular instrument may be wanted, or they’re troublesome to take away. Self-drilling toggle anchors overcome all these challenges.

Self-drilling toggle anchors are normally product of rust-resistant zinc-plated metal. A pointy tip punches its personal gap in drywall, and as soon as inserted, a toggle bar drops in place behind the wall, permitting help for a great deal of 100 kilos. Loosening the screw will drop the toggle so it’s potential the anchor will be eliminated and reused. These are costlier than most options, however they’re arguably one of the best sort of drywall anchor for all-round use.

Greatest For: All-purpose, however particularly good for heavy objects on partitions or ceilings
Our Suggestion: Unvert Toggle Anchors at Amazon for $35.99.
These American-made toggle anchors are sturdy, corrosion-resistant, multi-purpose options for heavy-duty mounting.

7. Strap Toggle Anchors

Toggler strap toggle anchors for drywall; product photo on white background

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Among the many a number of sorts of drywall anchors listed right here, lure toggle drywall anchors provide maybe one of the best mixture of energy and ease for DIY customers with restricted expertise. They mix a metal toggle with plastic ratchet straps and a threaded cap. They’re very fast and straightforward to put in in drywall, too. After drilling a small pilot gap, the anchor is inserted. Then, the cap slides alongside the straps till it meets the wall. The straps are eliminated, leaving a neat gap for fixing the specified merchandise.

Most strap toggle anchors are rated for 80 kilos or extra. This, mixed with their ease of set up, makes them probably the greatest drywall anchors for TV mounts. They’re additionally an efficient ceiling drywall anchor. Elimination is a case of chopping off the pinnacle. The rest will then fall contained in the wall.

Greatest For: Cabinets, medium-weight cupboards, curtain rails, and TV mounts
Our Suggestion: Toggler Snaptoggle Drywall Anchors at Amazon for $19.99.
This strap toggle anchor is an easy-to-use, versatile, and robust fixing to be used on drywall as much as 3 3/8 inches thick.

The costs listed below are correct as of publication on February 28, 2023.

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