Easy methods to Use Drywall Anchors to Hold Your Favourite Decor

How to Use Drywall Anchors to Hang Your Favorite Decor

Drywall anchors are designed particularly for hanging objects, like shelving or lighting fixtures, from drywall ceilings or partitions. Nails are too clean to grip drywall and might result in heavy objects falling off partitions. Whereas screws can grip drywall, their small steel threads are likely to tear by way of the fabric as an alternative of holding an object in place.

To keep away from damaging drywall or the objects you are making an attempt to hold, spend money on drywall anchors. Use enlargement, hollow-wall, or toggle anchors by pre-drilling a gap, inserting the anchor, then securing the item to the drywall by driving a screw into the anchor. It’s also possible to discover self-drilling anchors that do not require a pre-drilled gap. Take a look at this information to study extra concerning the varied varieties of drywall anchors and the way to use drywall anchors to hold mirrors, framed artwork, and different favourite equipment.

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Sorts of Drywall Anchors

Earlier than utilizing drywall anchors, it is essential to have a transparent understanding of the totally different varieties. There are 4 frequent varieties of drywall anchors, together with enlargement, self-drilling, hollow-wall, and toggle bolt drywall anchors.

1. Enlargement Drywall Anchors

Enlargement drywall anchors are the most typical product used for DIY initiatives. They’re small, plastic merchandise with a conical form and raised rings or barbs alongside the size of their physique. Enlargement anchors have to be put in in a pilot gap earlier than the consumer drives a screw into the anchor. The screw forces the shank of the anchor to separate and develop, giving this model of anchor its identify.

2. Self-Drilling Drywall Anchors

Self-drilling drywall anchors are just like enlargement anchors in that in addition they develop contained in the wall when a screw forces the shank of the anchor to separate and develop. Nevertheless, as indicated by the identify, self-drilling anchors don’t require a pilot gap. The anchor has a pointy, sturdy tip that enables it to be pushed into the wall with out worrying a few pilot gap.

3. Hole-Wall Drywall Anchors

Hole-wall drywall anchors usually have a pointed steel physique with a spiked collar and a screw that contracts the anchor physique behind the wall. This extends the flanges on the surface of the anchor and secures it towards the again of the drywall. These anchors require a pilot gap for set up.

4. Toggle Bolt Drywall Anchors

Toggle bolt drywall anchors have a steel toggle that may be inserted right into a pilot gap. As soon as inside, the spring-loaded toggle flips again right into a perpendicular place to the strap or screw of the anchor. Tighten the strap to make sure the toggle is tight towards the again of the drywall, then insert a screw to safe the goal object to the drywall.

Easy methods to Use Drywall Anchors

When you drive screws too far into drywall anchors or you do not make sure the toggle is tight towards the again of the drywall, you possibly can injury the anchors, drywall, and probably any objects you are attempting to hold. Observe these steps to discover ways to use drywall anchors correctly.

What You may Want:

  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Degree
  • Drywall anchors
  • Drill/driver
  • Drill bits
  • Driver bits
  • Screwdriver
  • Hammer

Step 1: Measure Location

Earlier than putting in anchors, that you must know the place the item will likely be held on the wall or ceiling. Use a tape measure and pencil to measure and mark the right place for every drywall anchor based mostly in your choice. As an example, you may need to heart a mirror on a small wall or place a TV mount off to 1 facet of the room the place the sofa is positioned. You also needs to take this chance to make use of a degree and examine to see if the marks you made are degree earlier than making any holes within the drywall.

Step 2: Drill Pilot Holes

Until you might be utilizing self-drilling anchors, you have to to drill pilot holes earlier than you possibly can set up drywall anchors. Verify the drywall anchor package deal or producer’s web site for particulars to find out the precise dimension drill bit you want for the pilot gap. Insert the drill bit into the drill, then line it up with the primary anchor level marked on the wall or ceiling. Squeeze the set off to start out the drill, then progressively drive the drill bit by way of the wall.

Step 3: Set up Drywall Anchors

When you’re utilizing self-drilling anchors, insert the motive force bit into the drywall anchor and place the tip of the anchor towards the marked level of the wall. Squeeze the set off to start out the rotation of the drill bit whereas making use of stress to the anchor so as to drive it into the wall.

Enlargement anchors and hollow-wall anchors have to be aligned with the pilot gap. As soon as aligned, merely use a hammer or mallet to calmly strike every anchor to drive them into the holes. Equally, that you must insert a toggle bolt anchor by way of the pilot gap, although you should not want to make use of a hammer.

When you’re utilizing a toggle bolt anchor with a strap, then as soon as the toggle is contained in the wall, pull the strap in the direction of you whereas perpendicular to it. Slide the anchor collar alongside the strap till it sits securely within the pilot gap. Snap off and throw away the plastic strap.

Nevertheless, if you’re putting in a screw-type toggle bolt, you have to to string the screw by way of the mounting gap or mounting bracket of the merchandise you are putting in earlier than you possibly can thread it half means into the spring-loaded toggle. After threading it into the toggle, fold the toggle down and insert it into the pilot gap till the toggle springs again right into a perpendicular place to the screw. Tighten the screw to safe the toggle to the drywall and to safe the item to the drywall anchor.

Step 4: Safe Goal Merchandise to the Drywall

When you used a screw-type toggle bolt anchor, your merchandise will likely be secured to the wall once you set up the anchors. When you used another sort of anchor, that you must safe the merchandise to the wall after putting in the anchors.

For enlargement, hollow-wall, self-drilling, and strap-style toggle anchors, you need to have a number of anchors at present put in within the wall. To safe the merchandise to the drywall, thread a screw of the suitable dimension by way of the mounting plate, mounting bracket, or mounting gap of the merchandise you need to dangle, then line it up with the primary drywall anchor.

Use a screwdriver, drill/driver, or an impression driver to drive the screw into the drywall anchor. Repeat this course of with all remaining screws to safe the item to the wall. Understand that over-tightening the screws can injury the wall or injury the drywall anchors.

Deciding on the Proper Drywall Anchors

When hanging a light-weight accent, the precise drywall anchors you utilize aren’t that essential as a result of the item being supported does not have sufficient weight to wreck the drywall or pull the anchors out of the wall. Nevertheless, when you’re putting in one thing like cabinets or a TV mount, it is essential to seek out drywall anchors which can be rated for barely greater than the precise weight of the merchandise. In any other case, the drywall anchors might snap below the burden, or they won’t present sufficient stability to forestall being pulled out of the wall.

Verify the package deal for the beneficial weight restrict or ask a retailer worker for extra info if the burden restrict is not listed. You may additionally have the ability to discover this info on the producer’s web site. In case your search does not flip up a strong reply, select a unique drywall anchor product with easy-to-reference product specs.

Often Requested Questions

  • How a lot weight do drywall anchors maintain?

    There are totally different weight limits for various anchors. Enlargement anchors can maintain as much as 25 kilos. Molly bolts go as excessive as 50 kilos. Steel toggle anchors can maintain as much as 150 kilos, and there are specialty anchors for increased weights.

  • Are there locations the place you need to keep away from drywall anchors?

    It’s possible you’ll not want drywall anchors if there is a stud the place you need to dangle one thing, and by no means use them within the ceiling until they’re particularly made for that function. Keep away from areas close to shops and lightweight switches.

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